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Info on Pinimusic arrangements

Pinimusic offers a wide selection of high-quality steelband arrangements for all tastes and levels, no matter whether you are looking for sweet Caribbean hits or artfully orchestrated Latin arrangements. If you want to explore new musical shores, to leave your audience with their jaws hanging open and to elicit the best out of your band, go for "advanced". They are full of ideas and subtle variations and satisfy even the most demanding of audiences. These pieces call for hours and hours of work – for arranging them as well as for practicing them. Want to take on the challenge?
Should you not find your favorite tune in the Pinimusic selection, Pinimusic also offers an arranging service. I arrange and edit every piece of music you wish and adapt it for your band. If your piece of choice is not well-known, please send me a recording on CD or tape and you will have a properly edited arrangement within 2-3 weeks.
Arrangements include a partition, parts as well as a CD containing a medium and fast version of the piece. You pay for work hours, including printouts, CD and postage. On the following pages you may find the entire selection. Enjoy!