ferrum helveticum Steelorchestra

This large steel orchestra hushes even the harshest critics of steelband music. The orchestra plays Latin and Calypso, all seasoned with a pinch of Jazz and arranged in Bigband style. Hefty unisonos, rhythmical bass lines and virtuoso solos let the audience forget that they are listening to a steelband. This orchestra is a far cry from your palm beach cliché and is on its way to make itself a name outside the steelband scene as well. For more info go to the ferrum helveticum website.

ferrum sounds

coming soon:

Claudio Pini Quartett

The name is not final yet, but the idea is there: Claudio Pini and Sandro Schneebeli, a talented guitar player from Bern, want to live out their passion for Latin music. With arrangements of well-known Samba and Bossa songs as well as with their own compositions they want to present the music from a new angle. The duo is supported by Michael Dubi on double bass and Willy Kotoun on percussion.

Arrogante Venganza para Jaco P.

The Parisian musician Xavier Mertian has gathered a group of 20 professional musicians, all fans of Jaco Pastorius. All Pastorium songs are being played on steelpans only. Jaco would have liked this – not only did he have steelpan players with him for a number of recordings, but he even played the pan himself. After launching this project in Paris and France, this project will hopefully also be presented in Switzerland. This site will tell you where and when.

past projects

This quintet was Claudio Pini's diploma band at the Jazz School in Lucerne. The band continued its activities with a number of concerts, e.g. at the Dampfzentrale Bern, Moods in Zuroch or at the Steelday at Expo.02. Once more this band demonstrated how well the steelpan can be integrated in a Jazz band. pini5 were: Claudio Pini – Double Alto Steelpan / Klaus Widmer – Soprano Saxophone / Christian Schaad – Piano / Michael Häfliger/Michael Hodel – Bass / Adrian Wiss – Drums.

pini5 sounds