Pinimusic offers you a wide variety of teaching systems to find the best solution for your personal needs. As professional teacher I have the theoretical background to find the suitable way for giving you the demanded knowledge . 20 Years of experience with the pan, on the road with many bands and countries, this brought me a great knowledge which I would like to share with you. For special workshops which are not listed below feel free to contact me anytime.


for steelbands, weekly, 2 times a month, monthly, etc....

I visit your rehearsals and offer you the following support in:
-teaching and rehearsing new tunes
-building and rehearsing a new repertoire
-improving the playing abilities (sticking, rolling)
-training the rhythmical feeling (offbeat, style patterns)
-writing arrangements (for bandleaders)
-teaching the basic musictheory (sightreading, chordstructures, etc.).


bandcoaching, unique or more

I visit a rehearsal or a weekend and will give you a helpful feedback to improve the following subjects:
-playing technique (sticking, rolling, bodycontrol, handmovement)
-quality and execution of arrangements
-musical development concerning the arrangements (dynamics, speed)
-rhythm-section, choice of percussions and right rhythm-patterns
-balance of the bandsound


workshops, full day or weekends

Weekends are the ideal way to work intensively on a special subject and to see and hear the progress instantly. I can organize a full weekend-program for you which will be tailored to your needs.
There is an unlimited choice of possibilities, here some examples:
-learning, rehearsing & improving of arrangements
-improving the playing techniques (sticking, rolling, bodycontrol, handmovement)
-rhythmtraining (offbeat, triplets, compound times)
-explanations about different music styles like calypso, samba and salsa. Learning the right strumming patterns for background pans and rhythm-section
-basics for improvisations and necessary examples


single music lessons, lessons 45, 60 or more minutes,

This is the right choice for all panists with the wish to improve their personal skills and work intensively with their instrument. I teach for all instruments up to a certain level, but the double second is my main instrument, where I can show you the most. Following some examples of possible subjects:

-learning of a perfect playing technique
-learning of new tunes (to play with a conventional band)
-learning the basical musictheory (sightreading, chordstructures, eartraining)
-improvisation/soloing, everything about how to play a cool solo


lesson 60min. in CHF
workshops for steelbands
on demand
single lessons
around 80.-

travel expenses
train ticket 2.Klasse 1/2 Tax oder km-comp.for car (ca.-.60rp/km)
traveling time
travel times longer then 2h, CHF30.-p/h.